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Your Partner in Education Achievement and Success!!!!!

The Heartland Institute of Financial Education (HIFE) is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States. Our mission is to promote financial literacy on a global scale, beginning with our commitment to providing a plan, created by experts, to help each individual who dreams of higher education. 

It is the goal of the Heartland Institute of Financial Education to help everyone wanting a college education obtain one.

The Heartland Institute of Financial Education will assign each student/family a “College Planning Coach” who works directly with the student and parents, assisting them with college planning and admissions process. Our program helps in three major areas of college assistance for International students.

1.      We help with assessing a student’s aptitudes and interests to determine/verify a career path.

2.      We work with the planning, selection and application process for college.

3.      We help prepare students and guide them through the necessary steps to apply for a student visa..

The college planning process can be very daunting for parents and students, especially for international students.  They have questions based on choosing the correct major and college for the student to attend.  How does one choose the colleges to apply to? How do I prepare for the colleges I am looking at? What is the application process? How do I get a student visa?

1.      Assign Coaches for each Student/Parent to guide the family through the process

2.      Career and Aptitude Assessment Testing

3.      Researching colleges to being considered and their application requirements 

4.      Suggestions for preparing to meet the English requirements and entrance exams

5.      Guidance through the application process for International students

6.      Comparison of colleges student has been admitted

7.      Help determining and obtaining forms and documents necessary to apply for student visa

8.      Suggestions and practice interviewing for the visa interview

9.      Verifying all steps have been completed to study in the United States

The College Planning process can be daunting. HIFE will develop an individual plan for each student and family to make the process less daunting. HIFE is committed to the success of students everywhere.